We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

To the current band line-up, YOU GUYS are like brothers from different mothers! We love you and are so grateful to have you with us every time we hit the stage! You make it FUN and you SOUND fantastic! We also want to give THANKS to some folks who have made Faultline's musical journey so awesome! First, we want to thank the musicians who have played with us over the years and miles...especially everybody in Vegas who worked on the "Blues You Can Feel" CD: Randy Young (Bass, Percussion, Keys, Recording, co-producing, mixing), Jason Parolini (Drums), Art Groom (B3), Junior Brantley (Keys), Steve Warder, Randy Walker & Laura Gannon (Back-up Vocals). Also, for help with that disc we would like to THANK Zoom Graphics, Charlie Levere, Our Dearest Friend Chris Bowen (RIP - We Love & Miss You!), The Las Vegas Recording Studio and the wonderful Brett Hanson for mastering the disc! In 2006 we had the graphics for the "Blues You Can Feel" CD re-worked by Ronnie Stoots of Memphis Magic Graphic Design & Productions. He was a great talent and a wonderful person and we miss him. We also want to THANK the AWESOME photographers Hal "Magic Man" Jaffe, Anita Wintead, Donna Hickman and Frederick Toma who is a great photographer, a lovely Southern Gentleman and a dog lover too! We have been blessed to play with some amazing musicians over the years and would like to thank each and every one of them including Cary Irwin (Guitar), Jeff Stone (Bass), Andre Burbridge (Drums), Brett Barnes (Drums), Casey Triplett (Drums), All of the Dave's especially David B. (B3) & David "Groove" Parker (Bass), as well as John Gould (Sax & Keys), John Sanders (Keys), Brad Lloyd (Drums), Josh White (Bass). THANK YOU, to Dennis, Ric & Luca of ROCK 103 who always included us on their "Great Unsigned" radio show and for being so wonderful to us! This was a great show on Rock 103 and we miss it! They were one of the only stations in the area shining the spotlight on lots of great unsigned local talent which opened some doors and gave us all priceless exposure. Steve was also chosen as one of the top 20 Great Unsigned artists for the “Rock 103 Great Unsigned” On Line Battle of the Bands for his solo project “Soul Expression.” We MISS YOU Dennis, Ric & Luca! You were GREAT together! Thank You to Justin Jaggers for giving us the tremendous honor of having been included on the Musicians for LeBonheur compilation CDs in 2014 and 2015 and for your work shooting and editing our EPK promotional video. Big Thanks to Andee Williamson and Anthony Gregory Lopez for some great new photos! Thank you to Jim Pettit and crew (Bill!)at The Memphis Drum Shop for use of your beautiful stage for the promotional video shoot. You are truly AWESOME! Big Thanks to "Dempsey" - a great friend to the band! AND LAST but NOT least THANK YOU to CHAD and the awesome crew at CDBABY.COM and HOSTBABY.COM! You guys ROCK!!!

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