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'Blues You Can Feel' by Patty Harper & Faultline is a powerfully slick, feel good rollin' romp thru the fields of R&B and the blues. The eleven track CD boasts nine original tunes that set your toes tappin' and booty shakin'. Built on the bedrock of Steve Harper's searing and dangerous curve huggin' hooks, the songs provide a perfect fit for Patty Harper's amazing vocals that are embellished by velvet growls and soaring peaks with the power of a hemi. This CD flows like melted sweet cream butter and will swagger and strut in yer player til it becomes one of your fav's. BUT, don't take MY word for it, check it out for yourself. You can thank me later." -John 'blueshammer' Hammer Publisher of Blue Monday Monthly Entertainment Magazine Host/Producer of Hammered By The Blues weekly Radio show John 'BluesHammer' Hammer - Blue Monday Monthly Entertainment Magazine

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